Thursday, June 21, 2012

Write to me in HEAVEN!

I wrote this down when a very dear one passed away 2 years ago. I was just thinking how much he must be missing all the 'life' down here, because he was such an outgoing man, always social and friendly and welcoming and all those good things..

I am sure he must be wanting that someone provides him with constant feeds of this world. I was somehow convinced about this otherwise ironical situation that he, siting there in heaven, would give anything to get back here. How much he loved this world and the people here, he surely didn't want to leave this early. It was like he was saying to me..

Write of the joy,
Write of the sorrows..
Write of  the lifeless
and the lovely boroughs..

Write of the endless pain,
Write of the sane, the insane.
Write of the greatest will,
Write of the urge to kill.

Write of the loves lost,
Write of a heart's cost..
Write of the deepest desires
and the alluring attires.

Write to me pious,
Write to me frank..
Write me about those
on whom i drank.

Write of the hate,
Write of the pain..
Write me of loss,
Write me of gain.

Write to me insults,
Write 'em loud and clear
Write to me a name
that can better bear!

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