Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Helpless Human!

Lost in my thoughts, i began to ponder over the absolute helplessness of humans... Humans, who are the masters of this world, who have shaped even the mighty nature to facilitate their need and greed, and still, humans are so weak and incapable. How helpless we are when the plane we are sitting in takes off and lands every single time, and when we are sitting in the safety of our houses and the earth begins to quake. How helpless we are when we are saying goodbye to loved ones before setting out on a trip and the driver goes reckless.

Is the liberty of mind or soul a possible reality for such a vulnerable life living in or rather surviving every second of the unknown catastrophe. Can real and prolonged happiness be achieved amidst the uncertainty or the enlightened ones who claim to be happy in every given situation of life are actually not that enlightened and happen to ignore the uncertainty that each one of us faces every second because ignoring the absolute truth to justify some other truth can't be enlightenment. An enlightened being must know all that's true and all that isn't. And knowing the truth about such appalling uncertainties that we face every moment, i don't think that happiness can be achieved. That's why i was wondering whether real happiness has more to do with enlightenment or is it possible only with ignorance of some sort,i.e., closing eyes to a part of the reality.

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