Saturday, June 23, 2012


Leaving a secure job and the monthly pay cheques was not an easy decision. In business, you have to be like one-man army. When you own a business, the fate of that business lies pretty much in your hands and as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. And, I have never been very fond of responsibilities.

Well to be honest,I don't have those businessman-like traits. I am not very outgoing, not a quick decision maker, I haven't handled much responsibilities till now and certainly I have almost zero experience of marketing as yet. Only thing going in my favor is that I can work hard. Really hard. But you know, that's not sufficient to get you ahead of your competition and ironically, the nature of my work doesn't require that much hard work.

I was sure that the job life was not my cup of tea. And, the next available option was this business. It took a hell lot of restlessness and countless sleepless nights before I could arrive at this decision. Now, I plan to stick to it. I plan to stick to it long enough till it becomes the need of my life. My bread and butter. And, I am sure the needs will teach me everything that I need to learn. At least, I will be living a life of my choice.

I do feel restless even now. I get tensed. But I need to stay positive. Reassuring myself, I wrote down a few lines. They are in Hindi.

dagar kathin hai, dagar bhayankar..
ye dagar jo tune thami,
mat maan isko nakaami..
ye to ek pariksha teri..
kitni tez chale andheri,
tu chalta hi jaega..
rok na tujhe paega
koi bhi toofan;
tu manzil pa jaega,
tu manzil pa jaega!


The path is difficult and scary..
The path that you have held onto,
Don't be bothered by the failures..
These are your tests.. that
however cruel the winds may get,
You'll keep walking..
No storm would stop you
And you'll achieve your target!

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