Saturday, March 24, 2012

What makes LIFE AMAZING?


Life is amazing beacause of the secrets it unfolds when we are en-route to discover the secrets of living it, the surreal feeling, the merriness in solitude, the lovely breeze that never seems to cease..
Life is amazing because of the fact that zillions came and went but still majority could not find out it's meaning, couldn't come out of the perplexities of spider-web like situations, life ends.. but it seems more fascinating and powerful than lesser mortals, us, i.e.

Many a missionaries and scholars and poets and don't know who taught us the way of living in their own respective words and styles. Some very beautiful lines from Javed Akhtar go as:

Dilon mein tum apni
Betaabiyan leke chal rahe ho

Toh zinda ho tum
Nazar mein khwabon ki
Bijliyan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum
Hawa ke jhokon ke jaise
Aazad rehna sikho
Tum ek dariya ke jaise
Lehron mein behna sikho
Har ek lamhe se tum milo
Khole apni bhaayein
Har ek pal ek naya samha
Dekhen yeh nigahaein
Jo apni aankhon mein
Hairaniyan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum
Dilon mein tum apni
Betaabiyan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum..


If you carry impatience in your heart then you are alive
If you carry dreams in your eyes then you are alive
Learn to live like the free waves of wind
Learn to flow like the sea does as waves
Receive every moment in life with open arms
Every moment is a new beginning, see it with your eyes
If you carry surprise in your eyes then you are alive
If you carry impatience in your heart then you are alive.

While these lines beautifully describe the way one should live, just reading them wont be enough. They have to be inculcated in every moment we live. So, whether you dream of a penthouse in New York or a cottage in the Swiss Alps or a beach house in Mauritius; you have to start working towards it NOW. You have to be impatient to achieve your dreams. Never leave your dreams alone. Carry them with you. Don't be suppressed by anyone or anything. Be determined. Live... Live your amazing life!

I am going to do it.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

A longing of around 4 months at the job i don't think really highly of.. sigh.

It was a chaotic week- the administrator and the bus driver both refusing to pay the toll tax, both being deprived of the last penny in their pockets by my company and by the bus contractor, respectively; someone from our otherwise "well-behaved" staff swearing at the poor souls at toll tax counters, holding them responsible for the delays and the long queues encountered while going back home at night; the next morning lecture from the senior-deputy-general-manager ( sounds like a kin of shehanshah-mohammad-jalaluddin-akbar, huh!) for arriving late and myself just ignoring him like I ignore the stray dogs barking; lucky draw at the site to lure the fleeing contractors (as if they just got an alternative for timely payments to the contractors, huh again!) and last but not the least cricket matches taking place at the broken or rather non-existant pitches of our construction site, maybe to lure the staff from fleeing- haha! Really, I am waiting for the day when I will break free from this Kingdom of Senselessness and Negativity!

Well, the moment finally arrived- it was one of my best friend's wedding. And the 2000km journey by trains and buses and don't know what couldn't supress my joy and enthusiasm of finally meeting my family, my best pals from college and ofcourse her.

After a stay of a day at my home, I set out to attend the wedding. The train tickets were already booked and we friends were excited about travelling together. During the journey, we talked of the old days which seemed to us the best days of our lives,the girls at the college, the crushes and the affairs. Those were sweet days indeed. We talked about our lives now and future plans and how our lives had turned 180 degree all of a sudden after college. We talked about how the 'lalas' in Punjab always marry off their kids so early and the same was the case with our buddy and where he will go for his honeymoon and how many kids will he have and what will be their names (we were doing the family planning on his part, funny things we do). We also discussed how many pegs or shots we were plannning to have at the bar during the wedding. While everyone was pre-determined to drink till they die, I kept insisting that I will limit myself to two. The story unfloded differently later though.

Before, our conversation could conclude, the train stopped. Even the breeze was reminiscent of the wonderful days we spent here, in Punjab, during our college. Took the autorickshaw to the hotel, checked-into the rooms and the party began..

Sweet were those days, atleast the part I remember..