Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Great Indian Match Makers!

As if growing up in a conservative society, with opinions on everything you can lay your finger on, wasn't enough of a challenge; life after finally having grown up isn't easy either. Yes, I am talking about the unending list of "interested parties" (yes, you heard me), wanting to get you married, that every 20-some boy or girl has to unwillingly go through everyday.

Your uncles, aunties, neighbors... relatives of neighbors.. their neighbors... the uncle your father met on morning walk... the friend your mom made on the retail store.. the guard uncle of your apartment building.. your teachers from graduate school (oh yes, it's true... hard to believe..  I know)... all of a sudden everyone starts worrying about your matrimony! Your single existence becomes a strict no-no in their opinion. And it's not as if they are in a hurry for you to enjoy your honeymoon, but they fear that "something bad" will happen if you don't get married after a certain age (the RED LINE). Things on the other side of red line range from loneliness to taboos like corporal escapades. All of them want you to start a family, have kids and become responsible!

And all of them have a handsome boy or a beautiful girl in sight (as if everyone was born to be a movie-star) who, they are absolutely sure, will be a perfect match for you. They don't care if you have already found the love of your life and have invested a lot of time, energy and emotions in your relationship and have finally developed an understanding that you can build up on.

But things are changing now, specially in urban areas. Now they oblige you by asking, "If you have already found someone then tell me otherwise I will find someone!!" (Ahem.. Ahem.. by the way who's getting married here?). Don't give me those piercing looks man, you won't get to know about the love of my life any before you get my wedding invitation! Keep looking for my best match till then! Happy quest!

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