Saturday, February 18, 2012

I took a day off! \m/

Well, the job had been a bit too boring this week (*a bit more than it usually is*). Also, i was in desperate need of some good sleep and peace around me. Well, it's not exactly peaceful around here too, but it's still better.

Now, you must be thinking what the hell does that mean "taking off on a Saturday!! everyone has an off on a goddamn Saturday!!". I don't blame you my friend. I blame myself. I feel like laughing at the scenario.. you know that grin.. carefully dressed up with sarcasm; sarcasm reflecting from your every single sparkling, carefully "colgated" or "close-upped" or "pepsodented" or "whatevered" tooth. *On that note, I prefer colgate.*

Enough of the odontology, let's talk about the scenario. Well, I am a civil engineer, sadly. *sigh*
And only after taking up my first job i found out that civil engineers are an entirely "different" breed. In India, civil engineers are people who work their asses out 365 days a year (oh no, don't you dare think we get an off in a leap year!), 12 hours a day or may be more depending on the project, and we do all this happily and religiously without a single thought about the human rights! (*false pride*).

No, no, no... you are going in the wrong direction. We don't get O.T. for that. Haha, we are the lowest paid category among engineers, with the least number of paid leaves. We are doing that just because it's been like that always in India and I don't see a revolution coming too.

While all you lucky people are partying in a club on a Friday night with the best girls around , we are resting our stomachs on the 37 mm beds (12 mm ply+25 mm mattress) given to us by our generous employers to give some rest to our over-worked bodies and we are imagining how life must be in "your world", "your wonderland", and we think about the excruciating work we have to put our mind and bodies through tomorrow again, and we think about the night cubs, the parties, the fashion, and we feel somewhat jealous of you people, and we think...

Alarm Clock rings!!! "Oh God.. not again..I hate this job.. I hate this alarm tone.. i will change it today.. and we think about the work...

Snooze!! " Okay, i am getting up, i can't afford to miss the bus."

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